HomeLifeIQ – The Most Powerful Real Estate Search Engine Offered Anywhere

HomeLifeIQ combines lifestyle needs with traditional home specifications, adds MLS (Multiple Listing Services), geo-spatial data, a range of property information, and then applies powerful patented data analytics algorithms to rank and match the best fit property to a client.

Each agent or client provides the desired lifestyle choices such as dog or pet friendly lifestyle, sports and recreation enthusiast, or perhaps a desire to be near restaurants through a simple questionnaire. Clients can minimize or balance commutes to multiple locations such as multiple workplaces, friends, family, or important services like medical facilities.

Other special measured features include manmade noise, the presence of nuisances such as water treatment plants, large scale overhead power lines, or inherently noisy businesses. As part of the unique search, HomeLifeIQ has a patented method to determine if manmade noise at a specified address is lower or higher than the average manmade noise level of the surrounding municipality.

HomeLifeIQ is fast. Within seconds we return the top 20 results of a search with rankings listed for the selected lifestyle categories. HomeLifeIQ harnesses the power of cloud computing, providing immediate response, anytime, anywhere.

If you are interested in licensing this search engine for you or your brokerage, contact us at kwarnaar@homelifeiq.com

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