HomeLifeIQ Protects Your Brand

HomeLifeIQ protects your real estate brand by providing a totally transparent and interactive experience for your Broker-In-Charge, Real Estate Brokers, and Clients.

The questionnaire and the choices made are viewable by Client and real estate broker. This encourages trust between the Client and the broker.  Whether it’s the Client entering their preference or the broker providing the search services, the criteria is viewable to both parties.  This avoids misunderstandings of what is important to the Client, i.e. location choices in the search area, price versus the presence of a nuisance such as nearby power lines, or a possible higher price with quiet exterior versus a lower price for a higher level of manmade noise.

Transparent and auditable criteria assures both the Broker-In-Charge and the Client that the broker isn’t mistakenly inserting or omitting criteria based on their perception of a Client’s needs. HomeLifeIQ protects the broker’s reputation by providing both opportunity to add or change criteria, and to show instantaneous results, demonstrating that the best fit homes shown are free of accidental bias and open to improving the Client’s priorities to fine tune results.

Search criteria can be audited at any time if questions arise about why particular locations, homes, or other factors appear in a Client’s list of best fit homes. The search criteria can be saved for future consultations if desired.

HomeLifeIQ creates trust, provides the best homes for your Clients, and provides all results within seconds to the Client’s fingertips to assure that the list is truly reflective of current Multiple Listing Services  offerings. This helps the BIC, Real Estate Broker, and Client know that your Brokerage is committed to their best interests and the applicable Federal and State laws that protect everyone from bias.

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