Five DIY Tips to Make Your Home Exterior Appealing

First Impressions are Important! 

You do not need a big budget to brighten your home’s curb appeal.  These changes are easy to do in as little as an afternoon.  Check out these fast, easy and affordable projects you can do on your own.

1. Refresh Your Outdoor Light Fixtures
Outdoor light fixtures are a quick and inexpensive accessory to dress up your home.  Choose your new light fixture in a shape and color to fit your home’s style. Right size your fixture with the “one quarter” rule of thumb. An outdoor light fixture should be about one quarter of the height of the door. So, for the average 80 inch door, choose a light that is around 20 inches high. This works for every door including lights around the garage doors. Getting the right light at the right size gives your home a luxury look!

2. Replace Your Exterior Door Handles
New front door handles give the impression of a well-maintained home that is modern and fresh.  Consider a handle set in the same finish as your exterior lighting.  Keyless locks are a special accessory that modernize a home.

3. Renew Your Front Door
Renew your front door with fresh paint, a pretty porch mat, and a door accessory like a knocker or wreath.  Don’t forget the power of cleaning.  Brush dirt, spiderwebs, and debris away.  Add a colorful pot of flowers and stand back to admire the view!

4. Power Wash the House Exterior
Power washers are easily rented from your local hardware store.  A little cleaning fluid, water from the garden house, and a couple of hours will brighten your home’s exterior. Don’t forget to power wash the doors, windows, deck, porch and patio!

5. Don’t Forget the Sidewalk and Driveway

Edging and power washing your sidewalk and driveway is like rolling out the red carpet to your prospective buyer.  Edging can be done with a weed whacker or a rented edger.  Power washers are easily rented from your local hardware store.  Clean, crisp, and inviting!

Choose one project a weekend and make your home stand out!

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