5 DIY Improvements to Make Your Home Stylish

It doesn’t take a big budget or lots of time to update your home.  You can make changes in as little as an afternoon.

Do It Yourself projects can help your home stand out. Do It Yourself can be just you or you and a helper and everyday tools.  Check out these fast, easy and affordable projects you can do on your own.

1. Replace Your Light Fixtures
Switching out an old or basic light fixture for a trendier one is an easy way to update the look of a room. By adding a statement light fixture, you can give your home an overall modern feel. And you don’t need to pay for expensive new fixtures.  Shop the big box stores and select a unifying element or style such as lux looking chrome for a bathroom or rustic iron for dining and kitchen lighting.  Consider replacing old “spot” lighting fixtures with sleek recessed lighting kits.  For a little outlay your home will glow!

2. Refresh Your Door Handles
New door handles give the impression of modern and fresh.  Instead of round knobs, consider using paddle handles for some high use doors like a bathroom.    Make sure your front door handle is bright and welcoming with an oversized handle. Keep all hardware in the same color and finish as your door hinges to avoid a mismatched look.

3. Revive Your Bathroom
Revive your bathroom with the three Cs – Clean, Clear, and Color!  Clean the tub, shower, floor and sink. Clear out extra products like shampoos, soaps, hair dryers, makeup and toiletries. And lastly update with neutral paint, a pretty shower curtain and liner, and coordinating finger towels.

4. Give Your Kitchen A Bright Look
Kitchens are your best opportunity to shine. Inexpensive big box lighting fixtures, sleek recessed lighting, and a new basic range hood can update your kitchen quickly. If your counter tops are very worn, consider a DIY replacement with new Formica countertops from the big box stores.  Replacing worn Formica counter tops can be a cost effective  DIY installation that can yield big payback.

5. Create A Statement Wall
Create a touch of sophistication with a statement wall.  Distinctive shiplap upgrades a wall and gives a dramatic backdrop to a room.  A subtle wall paper that coordinates with the room color can add understated sophistication.  Floating shelves can transform a room into a cozy, restful retreat while providing a place for books, artwork, and practical storage.

Your ingenuity and work can make a difference with a small budget! One last tip – finish one project at a time so you aren’t overwhelmed.

Now, just decide which of these DIY ideas fits your home and have some fun!

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