HomeLifeIQ Finds the Right Home for Your Life

HomeLifeIQ = The Smartest Home Choice for You

The biggest problem in finding the right home is that it’s not just bedrooms and bathrooms.  It’s about your life.

Your life is complicated. Working, seeing friends, dining, and shopping, getting out to exercise, or getting out to watch the kids play soccer are all big parts of life. And don’t forget walking the dog or taking your cat to the vet.

HomeLifeIQ understands your life – home, work, and social lives – and uses cutting edge technology to find the right homes for you.

Tell us in a few short questions about you. Do you want an easy work commute.? To be close to the kids’ schools? Convenient parks and kenneling for the dog? Quiet backyard for cookouts with friends? Or do you have a special need like quick access to a medical facility?

And what about price? We give you quick information right up front about the price value of the home.

HomeLifeIQ shows you the homes that best fit what you want. We find homes that are:

  • Close to one, two, three or more places like work, schools, businesses, and special people.
  • Near public parks, dog parks, veterinarians, and doggy daycares for your fur baby.
  • On low traffic streets to help you keep your kids, pets, and new drivers safe.
  • Quiet for enjoying your backyard cookouts with friends or just lying in a hammock to read.

Your imagination and our technology equals a genius level HomeLifeIQ!

Every home we recommend to you will have a My HomeLifeIQ Score.  That score will tell you how the home meets your needs and when it exceeds your expectations!  

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